About Us

Experienced and Creative Home Organizers


Choosing a professional who you are comfortable working with is an important consideration when hiring an organizer.  

Who We Serve


People who are: 

Generally or Situationally Disorganized

Overwhelmed by Clutter and Schedule 

Moving In/Out


Listing Home for Sale 

Tired of Paying for a Storage Unit

Feeling Out of Control   

We Pay Close Attention to Detail

My name is Nikki Simon; owner and operator of Organize L.A.

I started my organizing business because Organizing LA is just what I do. I can't look in a cabinet or see someone's work space without having the overwhelming urge to move things to their "logical" place. It's in my blood.


After years of helping friends and family organize their kitchens, etc. I finally decided: Why not make a career of what I love?

In addition to organizing "stuff," I am great at troubleshooting systems and picking your brain to develop or improve operations flows, at home or work, that make sense and save you time and frustration. Stop letting other people's urgencies become your own. Guiding you to think about your goals and how you want to spend your time, together we will customize a schedule that leaves you feeling empowered and productive. 

I am easy to talk to and listen carefully to what your needs are and how you think. This enables me to customize the time, space and system that suits your individual personality.