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Take control of your time and space. Give us a call now and start the year organized.

Organize L.A. is a professional, owner operated business specializing in residential and small business clients. We take pride in creating organizing solutions that are individually tailored to each of our client's goals, space and unique processing style.

As Project Managers, we work with you to create new systems, or steps for doing things, in your home or office that will help make you less stressed and more productive. We also create new ways of storing household items, office supplies, paperwork, or even computer files that take the hassle and frustration out of the equation.

All of our custom solutions are designed to fit your budget. We can work side by side to complete every task together, provide you with plans and homework to complete on your own with follow-up, or create a work plan somewhere in between.

If you're tired of living with stress and being surrounded by chaos, call us. We can help you.

clutter Is your disorganized stuff making you feel anxious? Transform your home or office - one room/work station, or the entire space.
flow Are you spinning your wheels trying to get through each day? Create systems that simplify everyday tasks.
time Tired of running late? Learn effective ways to manage your time.
Don't know where to start - we'll help plan your project, event or move.
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Serving: Santa Clarita, San Fernando Vally, Los Angeles & Ventura County
Nikki Simon, owner/operator